Peptides, Collagen, Antioxidants… OH MY!

It’s no secret that I love good skin care; I’m always on the lookout for products that are AFFORDABLE and work EFFECTIVELY.  These products described below are MUST haves in your everyday facial moisturizers.

Your body produces a protein called collagen that is mainly composed of amino acids called peptides.  As you age, production levels drop, causing thin, wrinkled skin.  When used in a serum, peptides stimulate repair and growth.  These 3 ingredients are revolutionary in today’s market.

Have you heard of ARGIRELINE or another name is ACETYL HEXAPEPTIDE 8?   Argireline imitates a section of a protein called SNAP-25.  This protein interferes with the signal from the brain telling the muscles to contract, thereby weakening the contraction.  In this manner, muscle contractions are softened, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  Argireline has been shown to produce effects similar to BOTOX without the injection!


The second ingredient is called MATRIXYL 3000.  This peptide is a relatively new product that stimulates the rebuilding of the skin matrix with a combination of two peptides: palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7  that improves firmness and elasticity, and decreases inflammation and palmitoyl-oligopeptide which stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid production .  You can think of the skin matrix as the structural framework beneath your skin.

The third ingredient is MY favorite and a must have with every skin care regimen.   Praised for its hydrating qualities, HYALURONIC ACID works for all skin types.  It is a humectant that is known to hydrate the skin better than other naturally occurring substance.  Produced by the human body, HA is what makes babies appear so plump and pillowy.  As we age, the amount of HA in our bodies decreases (especially after age 40).  Adding HA to the face helps your skin retain moisture.

In addition to this amazing product, OSILIFT is added to this formula.  Osilift is an antioxidant that strongly adheres to the skin to form a continuous, cohesive tensor and lifting effect.  Osilift also has an anti-wrinkle action, and improves the hold of make-up.

I’ve recently been using the VI Derm Advanced Firming Lotion and I am IN LOVE.  IT HAS ALL THESE INGREDIENTS IN THIS PRODUCT!! This moisturizer is one of several skincare collections available from Vitality Institute Medical Products, makers of the VI Peel.  Believe me, they know skin care, and their products are pharmaceutical grade and AFFORDABLE!

ADVANCED FIRMING LOTION can be purchased at Renewed Beauty Specialists for $40.  Compared to the other products that are on the market, including some over-the-counter products, this is, by FAR, the BEST AFFORDABLE product with some amazing results.  Everybody knows that I don’t push products in my spa, but this one I have to suggest because of the ingredients.  AND along with using this product, if you use the dermaroller to facilitate the penetration of this product, it’s a WIN WIN situation!  Call/text me for this amazing at home skin care regimen.  Michelle Francis, RN, BSN at 602-909-218065285



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